Our job is making your job easier!

We get it, why hire us to create your marketing and social media content when you’ve got that handy cell phone that touts the latest and greatest camera? Because there’s so much more to creating a successful online presence than taking a clip on your phone and posting it to the web. Millennials are the fastest growing consumer market out there and their lives are primarily image driven. The biggest group of consumers out there is doing most of their shopping online - your appearance online needs to be as carefully curated as the work you do.

Combine your business with our creativeness and you’ve got a winning combo.


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How do you stand out? Having/creating an amazing brand that is authentic to who you are is key. Lets work together to capture who you are and what makes your business with photos and video content for your website, social media, and marketing materials. We work with everyone from new small businesses to established companies to create brand photoshoots, promo videos all the way up to full branding workshops.

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From small business to corporate headquarters we provide full service headshots.
Studio and on-location options.

In today’s market it’s not enough to win the client based on skill, they want to know who you are and what you’re about. Along with checking out your website, clients are looking you up on social media to see what you are all about. A professional headshot, or series of lifestyle portraits help visually tell your story, not only about what you do, but who you are.

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Residential and Commercial Photography for Real Estate Agents
and Rental Property Owners.
FAA Part 107 Licensed Drone Pilot.

Almost everyone shopping for Real Estate, whether it’s for a vacation rental or their next home are utilizing popular websites such as AirBnB, HomeAway, and Realtor.com as the starting point for their research.
According to Realtor.com homes with professional images sold 50% faster and closer to asking price than those without.

Some of our recent clients

The Creatives


Brittany & Dean

Lead Photographers & Videographers, Branding Experts, Taco Addicts.

We want to have fun and laugh along with you while we are working. You won’t find any boring people here! Whether you’re hiring us for business portraits or a full brand image, we are invested in you! We hope you’re as excited about working with us as we are for you and what you do!

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The Family

We are big on family! They are why we are who we are and a big part of our lives and business. We’ve had past clients recognize our kiddos before they even recognize us! They also help explain why there might be toys in our camera bag from time to time.

Additional Team Members

In conduction with our photo and video services we subcontract/refer:

Copy Writing - Website, Advertisement Scripting
Home Staging for Rental Properties & Real Estate Listings
Website Design & Graphic Design
Professional Hair & Make Up Artist available for any session

Same great company - fun new name!


If you’re wondering about the TAS part of TAS-Media, wonder no more! TAS-Media is a break out brand from Two Adventurous Souls. If you’ve seen us around, you may have met us as primarily wedding and portrait photographers & videographers. Over the past few years we’ve done more and more corporate work and really enjoyed it. awe struggled with sending new clients to our site because all they saw was our wedding & portrait work so this break out brand was born.

You may also notice that we don’t list any social media sites on our page. How weird right? Our job is making your website and social media stand out. We want to make sure there is no confusion between us posting images we take for your social media on our social media as well! We like to think our portfolios on this site will showcase our work for you.

We are always happy to provide references from previous clients, and feel free to scroll through our variety of portfolios here to get an idea of how we will work for you!