Welcome! | Maine Branding Experts

Good afternoon! Or Morning, depending on when you’re reading this.

We wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves. You may already know us from our main brand - Two Adventurous Souls. We are the same great company we just decided to split off our marketing and branding work from our Weddings and Portraits work to clear up any confusion our business clients had when they landed on our wedding site!

We are a goofy duo who love what we do. While we take our job seriously, we have to have fun while we’re doing it!

Our main business goal is to help you define yours and showcase it for your clients. TAS Media covers everything from headshots/business portraits through lifestyle portraits and marketing videos for your company.

Check out our portfolio - we’d love to work with you!


TAS Media is the Marketing and Branding division of Two Adventurous Souls. Based in Maine but available internationally, we cover everything from headshots, business portraits to marketing videos. Contact us here to book a consultation: TAS Media