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While we handle all the imagery, both stills and video, for your website, branding and social media, the one thing we don’t do is Social Media Management. We are really good at visuals, not so much with the words and scheduling.

We’ve found the perfect tool for scheduling all your social media on instagram and pinterest! Did you know that there are 250 million users a month on Pinterest and 1 billion on Instagram. That’s a LOT of potential customers out there to get your images and message in front of!

Let me tell you a bit about Tailwind - it’s an all in one platform from your desktop to schedule all your pins (you should be pinning 10-12 pins a day!) and all your instagram images (the most successful pinners do up to 3 pins a day). That’s a lot to do on your own - that’s where Tailwind comes into play!

With Tailwind I manage all my accounts and spend one morning a week scheduling all my social media materials for the next week - I’m sure if I had more time, I could do a full month in advance! In fact, the images from this blog post have been fed to instagram and pinterest via Tailwind - so simple!

How do I use Tailwind for Pinterest

I’ll start by walking you through what I do! Every Friday morning is my “Tailwind Day”.
Step 1) Get some coffee!
Step 2) Open up a tab in my browser for Tailwind, my blog page, and my instagram account (just in case I need to look up or copy and paste some vendor tags)
Step 3) Assuming you already have the Tailwind extension installed on your browser (if you don’t do that now! it makes the easy job of entering info, even easier!) Now, on my blog site, I click and open each blog, wait until it’s fully loaded, then click the Tailwind extension button and it will pull up a window with all the images in my blog post. From there I can click which ones I want to Pin (or instagram, but I instagram a different way I’ll put below!) Once I’ve clicked the images I want to pin, all I have to do is select an overall board, or different individual boards for each pin, update my description, hit “publish” and tah-dah! All my images from that blog post are scheduled to pin either at a time I select or let Tailwind analytics decide the best times to pin.

Best Social Media Scheduler, Instagram, Two Adventurous Souls.jpg

Tailwind Publisher for Instagram

Instagram. I told you I instagram a different way. Because I use it mostly for my wedding and portrait photography work, I already have all the high resolution images on my computer.
Step 4) I create a new folder on my desktop and drag in all the images I want to schedule for Instagram. From there I drop them into JPEGMINI a shrinking app on my desktop. From there I make sure every image is under 5mb after shrinking, if not I drag it into Photoshop and quickly shrink it manually. Tailwind only allows images smaller than 5mb to be uploaded.
Step 5) Once the images are the right size I drag and drop them right into the publisher page
Step 6) I go through and add a location to each image, caption and hashtags. It’s really convenient through here to copy and paste all the vendor tags from image to image instead of typing them all in time and time again. You can also crop your images in Tailwind which makes it really easy to get everything done right in the computer instead of your phone.
Step 7) Once they’re all captioned, tagged, hash tagged, and cropped click on schedule and then they’re all set up and ready to go!

Best Social Media Management Tool, Two Adventurous Souls 040919_0023.jpg

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Branding tips you can take to the bank | Maine Branding Experts

Are your clients Milennials? If they’re not yet, they likely will be in the future and you don’t want to get left in the dust as the markets shift to include them as your primary client. They’re tech savvy, image/video driven, and can see through inauthentic branding.

Your brand is so much more than your business!

These days clients are not only booking based on product and pricing but also personality. If your business provides any type of service your potential clients are going to want to relate to you on a more personal level. That’s not to say you want to be an over-sharer on the internet - that’s what your personal facebook page is for. But you certainly want to share what makes you - you with your clients. When potential clients connect with you it can lead to higher sales and set you apart from your competitors.

For the image below we really worked with the company on who the person is who would use Whiskey Stones. With the images we decided how we wanted to reach those clients. What do they feel when they look at the image?

Whiskey Stones, Maine Branding Experts for TAS Media.jpg

Your brand is a person

It sounds a bit silly right? But you really need to think of your brand as the main employee in your company. If your company was a person what would their life be like? How would the dress and speak? You want your company to look and feel like “you”. Depending on your business this can mean different things.

Who is your ideal client?

Now that you’ve thought of your brand as a person, you need to start thinking about your ideal client. What age are they? Married/Single/In a relationship? What’s their occupation? Where do they shop? What is the problem that you’re solving for them? How are they going to shop for that solution - the web, asking friends, printed advertisements - or any combination of those. All these questions can help you identify your ideal client.

Don’t sound like a broken record

Milennials are really good at spotting when a company isn’t authentic. So posting the same things on your website, instagram, facebook, twitter, etc can actually cause harm to your brand. As wedding photographers we are guilty of this! There’s so much work that goes into social media these days there’s hardly time to actually BE social! We get that. The best thing is to pick the platforms that really connect with your clients and focus on those. For us that’s instagram for daily photos, facebook for sharing our blog posts, and our website for showing the best of the best images. Oh we also keep up up a YouTube channel with our wedding videos. While your content need to be different on each platform you also need to be consistent in your look and overall message.

TAS Media is the Marketing and Branding division of Two Adventurous Souls. Based in Maine but available internationally, we cover everything from headshots, business portraits to marketing videos. Contact us here to book a consultation: TAS Media